Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bad Maid Experience

I didn't expect to have quickly experienced what it feels like to have bad maids. Of course, during the initial two weeks, you will be extremely swayed by the excellent maid behavior until the maids start to show you their true colours...when they could not get what they want.

Thank God it's finally over.

Maid's reasons for abandoning their contract:

1. The first maid (lasted 1.5 years)- Needed to go home to get a divorce, claimed that her husband had an affair. This maid herself was having an affair with a Bangladeshi foreign worker. Caught in romance with her Bangladeshi boyfriend at void deck. She used my daughter as an excuse when telling others why she wanted to quit. She said my daughter was troublesome.

2. The second maid (lasted 1.5 months)- Have worked in Dubai and Saudi Arabia with rich families. Felt that she needs better treatment. Told me off that I am always complaining about her work. Prefers to let my baby sleep with her diapers full of faeces, and refused to change it. Would not care much about my kids and preferred to chit chat with other maids whenever we have family gatherings. Even gave me a "lecture" on how good employers should be.

Sayonara bad maids...


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