Friday, March 17, 2017

How to Wear Khimar - Tips for Plus Size

How to Wear Khimar - Tips for the Big Sized

I have a growing interest in more modest hijab and usually find comfort in chiffon khimars. As a beginner, there are a number of things that I have to learn through experience.

Here are a few tips which I have discovered as I familiarise myself with khimar as my hijab. Great tips to bring focus away from the chest area...

1. The colour of your khimar must be DARKER or the SAME colour as your dress. This shifts the focus away from the core area.

2. The material of the khimar must be dull, not shiny.

3. Since there's a lot of fabric as your hijab now, choose dark or flowery. Not light and plain. Else, you risk getting spots of stains.

4. To avoid getting the khimar raised up when blown by strong wind, make sure you keep a few safety pins handy in your purse, so you can secure your khimar any time.

5. When you need to bring up the khimar, especially when going to the ladies or washing the dishes, simply twirl the fabric around the neck and secure the free end with a safety pin.

May these tips help...and may Allah s.w.t. love us more...

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