Saturday, March 26, 2011

Baby Sofyyah

Your presence into my life is a pleasant surprise. I thought that for a long time, it would just be your elder sister accompanying me in this little family. But all praises to Allah who has granted our wish with children whom we'll be proud of in the Hereafter.

At 29 weeks, the doctor said your head is slightly swollen. I saw something not so normal too on the scan, and I got so worried sick that for a few weeks, my thought was always on you. Though now, I am accepting the fact that this may just be something normal, and that maybe I have it too, but the doctors of the olden days could not detect it because back then there were no scans like this.

Your powerful movements in my womb show that you are a survivor. Simply one who's determined, just like your elder sister. I really can't wait to see you...Now that you are in there for almost 38 weeks. Only a few more days before you will be cuddled by everyone in the family. We so are in love with you already baby Sofyyah. May you be a healthy and beautiful baby...darling.

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