Thursday, February 28, 2013

How to Pray @ Work

Let's be more proactive and take our prayers seriously. You'll never know when it will be your  last.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fashion Fix: Jumpsuit Jeopardy

A follow-up to the Jumpsuit Jeopardy post, here is a sketch of how to drop the cheekaboos.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Cheerful Tuesdays: The Conquest to Rejoice in Knowledge

Today is an important day. The day when I set foot on my mission - to rejoice in knowledge.

For many months, I have been sitting at the side of the field, not being able to join the winning crowd, as my feet were tied by the fake promise.

But fate has invited me back into the winning crowd.

Who are they? People with minds dedicated to winning, to triumph over worldly nothingness.

People with a mission that is not selfish for money. People who are blessed with the joys of nature and the fruitfulness of their age. People with no time to waste on useless knowledge.

The winning crowd have not much money. They have not much status. They have not much assets and investments.

They are ordinary people who believes that their lives are not self-controlled, and everything falls into place perfectly due to the Hands of God.

The winning crowd smile in anger and rejoice in knowledge. They are not living in a dream. They live the now, and plan for the future of mankind. They put others before self, and they are often the least popular and often forgotten in the fast growing materialistic society, where having wealth and high ranks mean more than anything else.

Brands, technology, politics - terms that do not bother the winning crowd. They will win even without knowledge of these areas.

The souls of the wining crowd are heavily guarded by the unseen armies of God, through the little but continuous efforts of remembrance, of the Highest Authority.

I would like to participate, and may this membership lasts till Eternity.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Islamographic: 7 Things A Muslim Wife Won't Tell Her Husband

Brilliant infographic - the first Muslim infographic I've ever seen...

Reminders from Allah: Mersmerized Webinar

Some sisters on the other side of the Earth had a webinar, and recorded the gems from the webinar here:

These points are what I really need to refresh my faith now:
Tawakkal not in the money you have, but Tawakkal in Allah, when money is taken away from you.

Allah has your best interest.

Find the one that tug your string from the Mersmerized webinar pointers.

Thank you Sisters for sharing. God bless you all.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Muslimah Wardrobe Malfunction: Jumpsuit Jeopardy

It's the jumpsuit season. I am not anti-jumpsuit but I always wonder why people wear jumpsuits since it is difficult to manage if you need to go to the ladies.

For muslimah fashionistas who wear jumpsuits, two important things to note:

1. You need a jumpsuit that is lose and looks baggy. Why? Because a fitting jumpsuit will emphasize the curves on your body especially the full shape of your behind. Worse is if the jumpsuit cuts into your butt.

Forget the jumpsuit if you are pregnant. You will look really stuffed up, and uncomfortable. And the jumpsuit will look stretched on your butt.

2. Even with a baggy jumpsuit, the shape of your butt will still be obvious. So you should wear a long cardigan to hide your behind.

Do not be a fashion victim, think modesty and seek Allah to guide you in what to wear.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tears Heart September

This heart is weeping in September

The first cry, the first sight
that I long to have right
The long wait I will fight
to have you safe, day and night

The days when I'm with you
spin in my head, is this true
You were gone in one day
 I begged God to make u stay

Impossible as it seems
You musn't slip away my dear
Whatever theories did not change
This undying hope, nothing I fear

But God took you, my little love
You belong there, a place above
September comes with an empty hand
My heart weeps... but God will mend

Friday, February 15, 2013

New Mom's Crazy First Week

I remembered it still so vividly, the few days following my daughter's birth were really beyond my expectations.
Of course, I knew about how tired I would be, due to the night feeds, but I found myself pretty overwhelmed because...
1. Breastfeeding Round the Clock
 I didn't know baby would need to be breastfed every one and a half hour.
2. Guests from Near and Afar
I didn't know that I would have that many guests, (my baby was born in the middle of the Hari Raya season, so we had plenty of guests, especially because they also wanted to see my mom who was accompanying me during my confinement).
3. Pushing During Confinement
I had to ensure that my home looked neat and clean every day, as we were expecting guests almost every day for the first two weeks. Despite my confinement, I was actually doing almost all the housework, only at a slower pace.
4. Strangers Who Speak the Darnest Things
I didn't expect people to make personal comments about my body parts, and my efforts trying to breastfeed my baby. The comments came from people whom I wasn't even close to.
5. Baby, Me and Lots of "Baby Experts"
This one really drove me insane. People were literally not giving me and my baby space. There were in my room, right when I needed to rest and bond with my newborn. Yes, they are all giving me advice on how to care for my baby, despite my clear need for rest.
Thank you for the good intention but I would be more comfortable to learn these tips from my mom and mom-in-law, and more gradually over time. I will seek other's opinion when my maternal instinct tells me to.

So, if you are visiting a mom who has just given birth, it's never a good idea to visit too early. The first week is especially crucial for the new mom to rest and bond with baby. Also for the dad too, to adjust to the new responsibilities.
And if you are going to have many guests, lay the ground rules. Maybe it is a good idea to tell them what time they can come to visit you.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Little One Left

Written in Memory of Baby Talhah (December 2012 - 1st February 2013)
The world turned silent
When you came as a surprise
And when I seemed unprepared
To care for a new life.
The world turned silent
The day you decided to leave
Just when I wanted to get to know you
Counting my days to meet you.
The world turned silent
When you left that morning
You left with no warning
Those hours hard and torturing.
The world turned silent
When will we meet again?
I dream we will hug in Heaven
And I can finally ease this pain.
The world turned silent
For my September baby,
You will still be remembered
As a precious little part of me.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Moments of Gratefulness

Hours of waiting in fear, wondering what will the doctor do or say to you, were over. Now I felt like I was wasting my time, knowing the result already and still having to go through the protocol, so that the doctor has a documentation of my case.
As I continued the waiting game and feeling empty and still shocked, something tells me that I should turn the situation around.
Instead of asking "why did it happen to me?", I should be saying "Thank you, God. You've planned everything so nicely for me, and you always have better plans for me for whatever that you've taken from me."
I should be grateful for whatever results God has given. It is the best that suits me, and it already encompasses whatever I need.

Friday, February 01, 2013


Today you left us as God has a better place for you. Although I only carried you for a month, I am grateful that this time, unlike the time when I was pregnant with your eldest sibling, I was able to feel your presence. I thought I will be able to cuddle and nurse you. But God wants us to meet later, in a better location, not in the environment of the aging Earth. Perhaps you can also feel that Mommy has been complaining a lot about the quality of living now. And God has made the best choice for us.

I can imagine you already with Kautsar, in the Gardens of Paradise. Tell Kautsar Mommy will come soon. Mommy can't wait to see the both of you and love you very much.