Friday, February 15, 2013

New Mom's Crazy First Week

I remembered it still so vividly, the few days following my daughter's birth were really beyond my expectations.
Of course, I knew about how tired I would be, due to the night feeds, but I found myself pretty overwhelmed because...
1. Breastfeeding Round the Clock
 I didn't know baby would need to be breastfed every one and a half hour.
2. Guests from Near and Afar
I didn't know that I would have that many guests, (my baby was born in the middle of the Hari Raya season, so we had plenty of guests, especially because they also wanted to see my mom who was accompanying me during my confinement).
3. Pushing During Confinement
I had to ensure that my home looked neat and clean every day, as we were expecting guests almost every day for the first two weeks. Despite my confinement, I was actually doing almost all the housework, only at a slower pace.
4. Strangers Who Speak the Darnest Things
I didn't expect people to make personal comments about my body parts, and my efforts trying to breastfeed my baby. The comments came from people whom I wasn't even close to.
5. Baby, Me and Lots of "Baby Experts"
This one really drove me insane. People were literally not giving me and my baby space. There were in my room, right when I needed to rest and bond with my newborn. Yes, they are all giving me advice on how to care for my baby, despite my clear need for rest.
Thank you for the good intention but I would be more comfortable to learn these tips from my mom and mom-in-law, and more gradually over time. I will seek other's opinion when my maternal instinct tells me to.

So, if you are visiting a mom who has just given birth, it's never a good idea to visit too early. The first week is especially crucial for the new mom to rest and bond with baby. Also for the dad too, to adjust to the new responsibilities.
And if you are going to have many guests, lay the ground rules. Maybe it is a good idea to tell them what time they can come to visit you.

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