Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Honorable Muslim Women- Rabiatul Adawiyah r.a.

I first heard her name from a popular nasheed, and soon I grew curious to get to know who this great lady is.

I found a book in the nearby library, and was so elated to finally discover the great life of Rabi'atul Adawiyah. It was also the first time I was so moved by a book.

She is the fourth girl born in a poor family. This slide shows some brief notes about her.

What I find very unforgettable about her is the way she thinks about life as a continuous remembrance of God. Here is an essay that beautifully describes her God-centric life.

She doesn't bother too much about the worldly issues and the many difficulties she faces on Earth. She rejected several rich men who had asked for her hand in marriage. Plus she prays, and presents her prayers sincerely for God, and not for anything in return, not even for the sake of getting a place in Heaven.

All she wants is the opportunity to see And meet her Creator face to face.
May Allah cleanse our hearts so we too can see life in the eyes of Rabi'atul Adawiyah.
Rabi’a loved all of life and all sentient creatures because the eye of her mind had been cleansed, and she was able to appreciate the sacred presence in whales, stars, and the sea.
I refrain from using past tense in mentioning about what she has done because her spirit lives and she is not dead. I hope we can meet her in the Hereafter and kiss her hands.

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