Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Self Reinforcement of a Full Time Working Mom

1. I am working to bring goodness to the family, not only in terms of financial gain, but also knowledge gain.

2. I will make time to be with my children, and will guide them for as much as I can, in my presence or absence (enrolling them in meaningful classes or activities).

3. The helper I have chosen is helping me to look after my kids. But she will not be expected to be perfect. I will need to teach her the things she can to improve her caretaker skills.

4. To ensure the day goes smoothly, I will plan more systematically and more frequently to prepare for important events. My plan must be scheduled around my kids, e.g. Nap time is part of routine, as they need adequate rest.

5. I am responsible for ensuring that resources are not wasted. I will buy bulk purchases and use discounts in order to save some of the monthly budget. I will not spend on anything that does not fall under the Needs category, but will set aside some budget once a week for a family outing.

6. I will exercise at least twice a week, and will encourage others to do the same.

7. I will learn a new skill each month and teach my kids if relevant.

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