Sunday, December 09, 2012

How Do You Keep Your Sanity and Dignity as a Full Time Working Mom

When office duty called over two weekends, I thought that I wouldn't have enough time for a fulfilling activity with my two busy tots.

Or that I wouldn't have time to complete the extra office task that I had brought home.

But things went better than expected. I managed to bring the kids to a waterplay area near our home, and also did some retail therapy with the kids plus played with them the toys they have bought later that evening.

The day culminated with everyone feeling satisfied and I even managed to complete the office task when the kids were asleep.

What kept me in momentum was the priorities of my day's tasks, and to set a lower expectation of what I can achieve that day, especially considering the kids' temperament that day. On a good day, my kids will want to sit in their pram and I will be able to do my purchases faster than if they decided to walk and control where they want to go.

I also made sure that I do something that will make me happy - bought my favourite cupcakes and savoured the taste slowly.

But what I forgot to do was to check the time when I was finishing my office task that night. Yes, I got carried away and ended up feeling sleep-deprived the next day.

Your Sanity

Lesson 1. ;-) Plan your task and prioritise.

Lesson 2. ;-) Set lower expectations when managing time. You are juggling between the unpredictable events in motherhood and the always-urgent office duties. This is no easy feat but you will soon master your own unique time management strategy.

Lesson 3. :-) Keep happy, via the joyful little things.

Your Dignity

Lesson  1. Plan your leave days in advance so you can participate in your kids' school events, and establish better rapport with the teachers.

Lesson 2. Have some interesting snacks and toys handy whenever you bring them out. So these can be used as distraction in episodes of crying tantrums.

Lesson 3. Do not entertain people who have zero tolerance for your kid's antics, provided your kids are not doing dangerous activities.

May Success be with you...

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