Thursday, December 06, 2012

Confession of an IT Goner - Falling in Love With My Internet Marketing Job

Down the memory lane entering the Google and Internet Marketing World

It was a bizarre experience - applying for a job that I had never imagined doing. Since having annoying episodes of erronous programming, I told myself that working in IT will be something I ought to avoid.

But fate had it otherwise. While 4 months pregnant with my third child, I applied for a part time post to help supplement the household income, since we were 'expanding' as a family. A week later, I was welcomed with good news, plus the bonus of working only 4 bus stops away from home.

Within three months, my knowledge of websites, search engines and the Internet multiplied quickly and I was given the trust to write creatives and research to help local and overseas manufacturing companies meet their sales targets.

Right through the pregnancy, I was in full gear, learning pretty hot stuff about the Web.

My first SEM campaign went quite well. This made me addicted to more success through better strategy implementation and more knowledge of best practices.

Of course, a few strategies turned awry, but these provided a foundation of what to avoid in future. I take pride in sharing these mistakes to the customers, as people value transparency, and honesty.

I took a whole 2 years to truly understand the realm of online marketing. At the moment, I am devising ways to help other Internet Marketing professionals manage their time and resources more efficiently.

I am online for more than 12 hours a day, finding more thrill from the Internet. Riding Gangnam style on search engines, social media and very technical and industrial terms...

Oppa Google Style!

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