Thursday, January 10, 2013

Full Time Working Mom Story - Cold Hearted Career Minded?

As a mom sets out to work, the heavy feeling of leaving her crying infant plagues her. She will no longer be able to be by her little child's side as she had been doing for the past 3 months, since giving birth.

She also knows that her baby will not take expressed milk and wonders what will happen 2 hours later after she has gone, and the baby starts to cry for milk. The worry is so apparent on her face, and she looks down and frown, feeling the guilt of being perhaps a selfish mom.

She quickly turns cold hearted and reminds herself that she needs to return to the office to ensure operations are running smoothly, and produce top-notch results. And she needs to have a stable income, to make sure there is enough to feed, clothe, educate and yes, a little to pamper the apple of her eye. Modern living gets too expensive for her to just accept a single breadwinner income.

So...she heads for work, with determination and hope for a bright future for her kids, a life so  much better than what she is having now.

Life at work is not easy, with standards set high, standards that the single men and ladies, or couples with no children yet can achieve with fewer qualms, than the mom who has her motherhood responsibilities 24-7 on her shoulders.

This mom however aspires to also rise up to the challenge and proves that being a mother does not affect the quality of her job. Yes, she pushed herself, close to the point of insanity. Her mind's set for success...

Oops, sometimes she falters and forgets that her kids will be waiting for her return. She forgets that the little child sitting on her lap needs her attention, while her mind wanders off to business matters unfulfilled at work.

The feeling of guilt resurfaces and she knows she needs to make it up to her kids. Mom's so sorry, darlings. We'll play together tomorrow...

Are your kids happy with you? Are your kids still looking up to you as their mom, and want to be close to you? Even when you have a caretaker, your kids will prefer sitting close to you than the caretaker?

Appreciate the feelings of guilt. It shows that God has blessed you and your kids with a very strong emotional bond.

Appreciate that your little children cry or throw tantrums whenever you leave for work. It shows that they are perfectly normal kids, and they enjoy being with you so much that they hate even your short disappearance.

Appreciate the dual working mom roles that you are playing, because your contribution now takes a wider scope, and if you are sincere in your daily tasks, you will be duly rewarded within the tangible and the intangible realms.

Moms, accept the hard realities of being a working mom and just enjoy the fuss. Droopy eyelids, crows feet, laugh lines and greying hair... Let's just...

Oh, wait a minute... Look! You are the people who will be changing the world!

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