Thursday, January 31, 2013

Elderly Having to Queue at Polyclinic

As I visited the polyclinic today, I saw the harsh realities of our Singapore healthcare system. Despite the newly refurbished looks and extra consultation rooms plus more staff I believe, many patients were waiting for their turns, and a group of them in their late 50s, were complaining to the patient service people at the counter, about why their queue numbers were still not being called. This was not even during busy hours. In fact, it was already 3pm. What actually is happening...even the toilets are dirty now. Is it because the polyclinic management can no longer keep up with the larger influx of immigrants and the growing number of patients? I have no idea how the polyclinic has changed so quickly in just a year. It was also painful to see the very frail elderly patients with eyes glued to the screens watching out for their number. Even more painful was the sight of an elderly man who was working as a cleaner there. I wish the elderly do not have to work as cleaners. Is this the kind of lifestyle that we want in exchange of economic interest?

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