Saturday, February 23, 2013

Muslimah Wardrobe Malfunction: Jumpsuit Jeopardy

It's the jumpsuit season. I am not anti-jumpsuit but I always wonder why people wear jumpsuits since it is difficult to manage if you need to go to the ladies.

For muslimah fashionistas who wear jumpsuits, two important things to note:

1. You need a jumpsuit that is lose and looks baggy. Why? Because a fitting jumpsuit will emphasize the curves on your body especially the full shape of your behind. Worse is if the jumpsuit cuts into your butt.

Forget the jumpsuit if you are pregnant. You will look really stuffed up, and uncomfortable. And the jumpsuit will look stretched on your butt.

2. Even with a baggy jumpsuit, the shape of your butt will still be obvious. So you should wear a long cardigan to hide your behind.

Do not be a fashion victim, think modesty and seek Allah to guide you in what to wear.

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