Monday, February 25, 2013

Cheerful Tuesdays: The Conquest to Rejoice in Knowledge

Today is an important day. The day when I set foot on my mission - to rejoice in knowledge.

For many months, I have been sitting at the side of the field, not being able to join the winning crowd, as my feet were tied by the fake promise.

But fate has invited me back into the winning crowd.

Who are they? People with minds dedicated to winning, to triumph over worldly nothingness.

People with a mission that is not selfish for money. People who are blessed with the joys of nature and the fruitfulness of their age. People with no time to waste on useless knowledge.

The winning crowd have not much money. They have not much status. They have not much assets and investments.

They are ordinary people who believes that their lives are not self-controlled, and everything falls into place perfectly due to the Hands of God.

The winning crowd smile in anger and rejoice in knowledge. They are not living in a dream. They live the now, and plan for the future of mankind. They put others before self, and they are often the least popular and often forgotten in the fast growing materialistic society, where having wealth and high ranks mean more than anything else.

Brands, technology, politics - terms that do not bother the winning crowd. They will win even without knowledge of these areas.

The souls of the wining crowd are heavily guarded by the unseen armies of God, through the little but continuous efforts of remembrance, of the Highest Authority.

I would like to participate, and may this membership lasts till Eternity.

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