Monday, August 26, 2013

A Change in Nutrition, Heart and Mind

I have not imagined that I would be making a change in nutrition this soon. A plethora of feelings...shocked, worried, angry, confused, and DRIVEN. It was a MAJOR eyeopener for me.

I was merely observing before this. One by one, among my family members, are falling ill, getting sudden conditions that almost rip their lives off.

My own body has not been showing a good sign since I was diagnosed with cholecystesis in 2009, and now the effect of the gallbladder removal surgery has scarred my digestive life forever.

And the last straw was when my dad's brother succumbed to kidney failure ten days ago. I promised myself to study nutrition and then find out how I can start practising good nutrition habits, plus spread the importance of good nutrition to my family and the rest of the society.

The 12th of August was the start of my nutrition study. So, I began my research into nutrition, and then more and more truths about the food that we are eating are exposed.

See "The Dangers of Our Everyday Food"

And then I discovered MORE about the Deception:

Mental Corruption

The New World Order has manifested in the fast food and entertainment industry. A group of 'elite' people are controlling the entertainment industry, and the group plans to poison the minds of the kids and youth through showing pornographic content and through the habit of eating junk. And if a Muslim is attacked through these ways, the heart, mind and the body of the Muslim will be destroyed, and he or she will forget Allah. This is the goal of the New World Order, for everyone to forget God (in whatever religion you are). So these elite people can implement their selfish plans.

Remember the hadeeth that mentions that the source of illness originates from the stomach. Such a concise and valuable advice for us to heed. The word 'illness' does not only refer to physical illness, but includes intellectual, and emotional.

Processed Foods VS Whole Foods

Scientists have proven that a child who is fed with processed foods before he turns three, can end up with a lower IQ than a child fed with whole foods.

And if the food is processed using evil ways as described for the meat and the chicken industry, what effect will that have to our hearts?

But all in all, this knowledge is not just to fill my curiosity. I am going to use it to my best abilities in looking after my family, and shed a light on the misled society so that we stay away from the things that may harm us.

I end this post with this hadeeth image from Do Not Harm nor Be Harmed.


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