Sunday, July 29, 2018

Moms Keep Fit for Ibadah

Being a stay at home mom in this era of machines can have a negative impact on one's fitness level. I have actually stopped doing any workout since I had my third child, as he seemed to have something against me exercising, and would throw a tantrum each time I started my warm-ups.

So the story goes like that for a long time.. until the moment I discovered that I may have inherited a blood clotting disorder that my mother has.

That woke me up from my complacency and set me back on my routine three times a week.

I started with Tabata but recently switched to Zehra Allibhai because I love the low-impact but high-intensity crunches.

It was delirious to know that I now can't even complete a single push-up. So that is a big warning sign that my core has dwindled in strength over these 5 years.

O Allah, please help me to maintain good health and keep fit, so that I can do more to earn Your pleasure.

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