Thursday, September 17, 2009

It dawned upon me

Barely two hours after subuh, I am at the computer reading some good muslimah mommies' blogs. 'Good' because there are many advices on matters of the heart as well as daily activities. Lessons I learnt are:
We do not deserve to be given Islam. It is all by Allah's grace. We are nobody, and really needy. And on the topic of advising others on their mistakes, we must always remember that we shouldn't dishonor the person who makes a mistake, but instead we should use creative ways so that the person knows we want to help him/her.

I also wish to remind myself that there is a greater world of muslim people out there and many have been given great 'ujian' especially those who are involved in natural calamities and war. My heart and prayers go out to them. May Allah unite our hearts and lead us in the path of peace. Amin..Ya Rabbal 'alamin.

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