Saturday, September 05, 2009

What do I spend on

To spend or not? What do I spend on? Things that I spend on are just little rewards for myself. But some times I do splurge on things like shoes or bags that I believe should be heavy duty and must meet a certain quality. Today I felt a little guilty conscious after spending on what I believe was unnecessary and should have been better used on food. Thinking about it makes me feel bad almost a whole day, but if I were to quantify the cost per day, it is just about a dollar plus. Perhaps there is a reason why I was driven to buy it. I might be needing it in future, only God knows.

Sometimes, I wish I can live life on a daily basis. Spend only on what I need for the day, and not as if I live for the next few months or even years. Now I feel the crunch of spending even on cheap things. Because the total cost of all cheap things bought does equal to an expensive stuff that I may have avoided. I vouch no longer to spend on these unnecessary things be it a reward I deserve or a really cheap thing. From now on, I hope I can live humbly and with gratitude over what I already have and not hoping for the worldly stuff that I do not have. An investment is only on education, knowledge, food, health and religious causes.

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