Monday, November 19, 2012

Don't Let Others Judge Your Work Life Balance

I am more convinced now that we should be more in control of the decisions we make in our lives. Knowing that we are the product of our thoughts and actions. If we enjoy what we are doing and are finding happiness in it, even if others don't see it that way, then we should be confident and carry on, bearing in mind that the end of our actions will be good. "It is through happiness that we will achieve success. Before going to bed each night, try thinking of at least two things that made you happy that day." I quoted from Lisa Quast's article on work-life balance. I guess if we really practise this each day, we will be living in gratitude, and will have a heightened awareness of the things that matter to our success. Don't be a slave to a jumbled mess of thoughts and comments. Stick to the values you believe in, and aim to improve the quality of life - for yourself and others. Discard unhappiness from your memory space, and treat it as moments that have made you stronger inside. Forgive every soul that has ever hurt you. Happiness will come as you drift into the slumberland of peace.

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