Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Starting Life Afresh

It's the New Muslim Calendar Year. And praise to the Almighty, I have made several little improvements in my habits, and my living space.

To improve quality of life, yourself, your family, your friends and acquaintances.

Life must begin with a pure intention, followed by systematic means of achieving that goal.

Live on the foundation of truth and seek the best path. Each individual is born with a mission and so do it well.

A quote from my late teacher,

Be like the bees, work hard to make honey, something useful for everyone.

Points to think about:

How can I make my days more fruitful?
How do I inject more meaningful task in my family's daily activities?
How do I make my parents happy in the long run? What can I plan for them?
How do I contribute to the community with the skills that I have?

I believe there is something I must do before I grow older. So let's not waste the precious time. Be 'that' person now. The best of what you are!

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