Friday, March 08, 2013

Daydreamers' Aspirations & Reality

I had once gone for a job interview where I had to take a test. There were a few questions which asked about my actual personality - whether I daydream and whether I think daydreaming is good for me.
I find these questions very weird, as I don't see a connection between the job and daydreaming.
But I figure this may be the employer's way to assess your honesty and your creativity. I think people who daydream are actually thinking hard on a creative idea or plan. Daydreaming is beneficial if the thoughts are followed up with actions.
In the real world, however, there are many aspirations unfulfilled, not because of them not been followed up with actions, but actions that are not seen by the right people.
So if you think and feel that an idea will work, go with it, and approach the right people and the right network. Be a student to their views, and recognise your efforts with a celebration, even a tiny one.

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