Friday, March 22, 2013

Waking Up to the Verses of Allah - on TV9

Recently I had the opportunity to be staying at Aloha Resorts in Pasir Ris. One morning I woke up for my Subuh and then I was greeted with the beautiful recitation of the Quran coming from the TV set, which my mom had switched on earlier.

It was a really beautiful experience for me, watching programmes that rejuvenate the soul and to be in a bungalow which allows the ambience of nature in - the living room of the bungalow has an open room concept, so I had a good view of the trees and the beach outside.

By the way, the TV channel I was watching is called TV9, a Malaysian channel that airs educational Islamic shows. I hope this channel can be made more easily available in Singapore, because there are plenty of useful advice and knowledge that we can get from it.

Very relevant for people who spend a lot of their time watching TV and surely a better alternative to watching endless soaps and Indonesian drama series.

Anyone can help me tweak my TV to get this channel?

Picture of my dad, my niece and my daughter in the bungalow's compound @Aloha Resorts

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